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 Cake bazaar proud to offer you a wide variety of Cake items in the lahore for celebrating your special days and making them more memorable. Also, amazing flavours combined with the perfect art of baking would give your taste buds a sweet treat, after a tiring day. With having mastery upon all techniques of baking, our highly trained staff can make cakes as per your requirements. The cherry on the top is that these perfectly baked, scrumptious items can be also sent via our online cake delivery service in Lahore.

Best Birthday Cakes with Exquisite Flower Delivery Services in Lahore

Flowers Delivery at your Doorstep in Lahore

With a team of professional florists, we handcraft fresh flower arrangements to bloom and lighten up your day. The unique flowers arrangement and bouquets are handpicked with care and affection by our dedicated team to refresh your home/workplace. Not only that, but you can design your bouquet of exquisite flowers by using the expertise of our in-house florists. Above all, if a birthday or an anniversary date of a loved one has slipped your mind, our online flower delivery service (in Lahore and Multan only) can save your day.

Best cakes in Lahore with online delivery

Baked with passion and love, we provide the best quality cakes in lahore when it comes to taste, texture and design. If you are creative and want to design your cake, avail our customized cake services with a variety of frostings and flavours in the lahore and unwrap a smile of your loved one. Whether you are looking for a birthday cake with one of your favourite frostings or you want a customized fondant cake, we are here to help you relish the sweet taste of our exceedingly good cakes. We deliver online cakes in Lahore and Multan as well for making your memories more cherishable because everything we bake, we bake with love.

Cakes for every occasion 

Whether you want a big sugar confectioned Birthday cake topped with a fluffy frosting or you are tempted by chocolate layers and tropical flavours, our professional bakers are here to give your taste buds a sweet and delicious treat. We provide you with the best, affordable and customized cakes for every occasion in Lahore.

  1. Sandwich Cake

Similar to a layered cream cake but it is savoury in taste. With layers of bread, chicken, cream cheese and salad, it is a perfect centre-piece for your next tea party.

  1. Molten chocolate cake

This cake is perfect combination of a flourless chocolate cake and a soufflé which give it a lovely gooey texture. Its delicious molten centre will surely leave you awe-inspired and make your moments sweeter.

  1. Black Forest Cake 

The rich chocolate layers decorated with chocolate shavings are sandwiched between whipped cream frosting and maraschino cherries to give it a unique and sweet taste.

  1. Chocolate Cake

The magic of cocoa powder and the expertise of our professional team turn a simple cake into a chocolate cake. A variety of flavours ranging from chocolate ganache to vanilla cream can be used as icings in between its layers.

  1. Apple Cake 

As the name has it, apple is the main ingredient in this cake. Apart from that, walnut, cinnamon and nutmeg are also used. Apple cakes are not often glazed or frosted.

  1. Cheesecake

This sweet dessert is usually made up of one or more layers. Mostly, the main layer is a buttery filling of fresh cheese, eggs and sugar while the base comprises usually of crushed biscuits/cookies.

  1. Coffee Cake 

The unique flavour of coffee separated by butter icing and optional additional of walnuts makes it a perfect choice for your tea/coffee time.

  1. Red Velvet Cake

Being called the queen of all layered cakes, it comes in a variety of colours from red-brown, crimson to scarlet. The rich cocoa used gives the cake its flavourful red colour.

  1. Wedding Cake

To celebrate your most special and memorable moments, we offer you the best-customized wedding cakes with online delivery service in Lahore.

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Customer Satisfaction-Our First Priority

We believe in making cakes that look and taste divine by using fresh ingredients. Our dedicated team pays attention to minor details and guarantees 100% customer satisfaction. With the most friendly services in lahore, we specialize in custom made handcrafted cakes in Lahore. Not only that, but we also cater to our clientele concern regarding food allergies and intolerances-including gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan. Our cake delivery services are available in Lahore and Multan as well. Don’t hesitate to ask about your requirements. We would love to make your special occasions more memorable.

Online Delivery Services

Our online cake delivery services are here to help you get out of the trouble of long-distance travelling and leave you hassle-free by saving you from long traffic jams. Now, you can greet your loved ones on their special days by sending them our unique and delicious cakes. Regardless of your location, you can deliver cakes to the residents of Lahore and Multan at the moment only by using our services.

Customized Services

The team of professional bakers will give you an unforgettable experience of taste and design. If you want to give your creative side a boost, our experts are here to help you make one of the best-customized cakes in Lahore. We provide you with a wide array of choices ranging from confectionary enriched sponge cake to savoury sandwiched cakes topped with the frosting of your choice.

Flower Delivery Services

Our online flower delivery service with a set of expert florist is here to help you from a wide variety of fresh flowers arrangement and bouquets. Now, sending aromatic flowers to your loved ones in Lahore to cheer up their days or make their special occasions worth living for is not a distant dream.

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We believe in providing you with the best quality cakes at economical prices in Lahore. Depending upon the design, style and texture of your selected cakes, we ensure that our team will use the best of its potential to turn into a budget-friendly sweet and delicious experience. While our expert in flower arrangements are also here to assist you in designing pocket-friendly bouquets for your loved ones. Call us right away for online cake and flower delivery services in Lahore and Multan.